Saturday, September 01, 2007

Noh play

At the Kyushu National Museum there was a demonstration of Noh today. Noh is a play with masks and strange music with drums and monotonous singing. The example we saw was about a demon that fought against some priests and was finally destroyed by them.
This is a mask similar to the one the demon was wearing:

And this is the expert who explained everything to us. In the background the different Kimonos used for the play and in front of him different masks that are utilized during the show:

Hanabi in Ohori Park, Fukuoka

Today are the last hanabi (fireworks), which means the official end of the summer. since I don't have a video camera, have a look at last year's hanabi from Ohori Park in Fukuoka.
It marks also my last day at school. I finished my language course yesterday und we had a farewell party in the evening, whitch ended at a karaoke bar. With enough o-sake it is really fun. But don't try it sober :)


I love these tiny shrines in the midst of busy streets:

A shopping arcade in Hakata-shi:

And a 'Wohnung' (sorry only funny for German speakers):