Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Sqash goes well with cranberries

I had a bit of butternut squash left in the fridge and today I used up in this nice and spicy tagine:


The recipe was taken from the BBC Good Food webpage (pumpkin, cranberry & red onion tagine) with minor adjustments. As I said, I used butternut squash instead of pumpkin and agave syrup instead of honey. I also didn't have harissa paste in the house, so I used some red Thai curry paste :)
A very yummy result.
The BBC webpage really has a nice collection of recipes, well worth browsing through them on a rainy day. You might for example want to look through their vegan Christmas recipes :)
 It's a pity they do not publish the BBC Vegetarian Food magazine anymore. I absolutely adored that magazine :) but then the online option is not bad either.

Birthday Joys

Yesterday I had a day full of surprises. The kids planned the day for me, and it started nicely with a pumpkin pie (slightly deformed, since their pie shell was way to big for their pie), full of spices and love. C and L made their first pumpkin pie ever, and without any tools for baking this must have been a really difficult enterprise. But they managed to make a nice smiling face on top of it :D
I really liked the filling which was rich in spices and had even a chocolatly touch :) and who judges by looks, certainly not me.


Then we headed towards Frankfurt and went straight to the Old Opera House.

Here you can see some Christmas decoration in front of the Opera:

and this is the building itself:

I then had the pleasure of being treated to a piano concerto by four students of Lev Natochenny. The just 17 year old Nuron Mukumiy was outstanding. I hope I will have the chance to hear him again.
The small Mozart hall was quite plain, but the grand piano was beautiful :)

After the concert we had dinner at a vegetarian Indian restaurant and I received the next sweet surprise. P and B donned their apron and made some vegan Simon's-cat cookies for me :D
Thank you all for preparing such a wonderful day! I utterly enjoyed it :D