Tuesday, June 29, 2010

school school school

I can't write a lot at the moment simply because I'm not seeing a lot besides Yamasa school. We have lessons in the morning and two more in the afternoon and loads of homework to do. To make it even more relaxing we have a written as well as an oral test once a week. So all I can present you here are a few mobile pics from my daily walk to school.

I quite liked the sun protection for the mini :)

and these parking lots are just too strange, as is the fact that Japanese people obviously fell in love with cubic cars. I don't even wanna know the air drag of these funny little cars.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Okazaki residency K

This is my new home for the next four weeks:
A big enough wardrobe:
My 'luxurious' bathroom:

And I even have a washing machine which saves me the trip to the coin laundry around the corner.

The appartment is void of anything, so I spent my first day at the 100-Yen shop (which is equivalent to the 1-Pound store in England. I'm now the proud owner of a cup, a bowl, a knife and a hat for 500 Yen ( about 5 Euros - who says Japan is expensive?).

The language course is stressful my sensei is talking like a waterfall but since she is talking about grammar it is sometimes very hard to follow. English is forbidden in the class room which is a good thing otherwise we would only talk in English - my classmates are mostly from the US.