Monday, June 30, 2008

Dublinia and UCD

Yesterday I also went to the very touristy Dublinia Viking exhibition:

Nothing special here, the usual grim Viking wax figures and a couple of replicas, including this Viking Wodan; weeell......

Next to Dublinia is Dublin Cathedral which I couldn't visit since there was a mass. I definitly have to return next week.

This is the UCD (Universtiy College Dublin) lake in the middle of the campus. Quite nice to have lunch there when the sun is shining. You know the weather changes here every 10 minutes but in general it is very nice and there was no rain at all today.

The conference is on a very tight schedule. 4500 participents in four or more parallell sessions. Sometimes its hard to choose because a lot of interesting topics are covered. This morning I went to a session about agency and ontology theory in archaeology and the afternoon was reserved for all things rock art. The lectures about excavation near rock art sites was especially interesting and a lot of parallels emerged on sites from all over the world.

During lunch break there was a memorial lecture for the late Peter Ucko which I had to attend, since he was the head of department at the UCL when I spend my third undergraduate year in London.

Not even the breaks give you any time to relax because outside are performances from potters, bronze casters, flint knappers, musicians and so on. The potter promised to put on his Viking gar tomorrow, so I will be back to have a nice photo from him.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Yesterday night I arrived at Dublin and this morning I hurried to Dockland to see the Sea Stallion (a fully functional Viking ship replica) being launched for its trip to Denmark. Sadly I didn't make it in time, I missed it by an hour. This is the place where it anchored, nice anyway:

After my first dissapointment I used my time to do some sightseeing, since I wont have the time during the conference (WAC-6). This is the Record Tower from Dublin Castle:

and this is City Hall Square:

This is Dublin City Civic crest, three castles in flames:

And here we have the sorry excuse of a Viking market. I was a bit disappointed, or even more than a bit. Dublin is such a famous Viking town, so I expected something sensational. But a couple of stands with some weaving demonstrations was all

At least some people in garb fought more or less authentic. After I visited York's Viking Festival once, I must say this couldn't compete at all. What a pity.