Sunday, June 29, 2008


Yesterday night I arrived at Dublin and this morning I hurried to Dockland to see the Sea Stallion (a fully functional Viking ship replica) being launched for its trip to Denmark. Sadly I didn't make it in time, I missed it by an hour. This is the place where it anchored, nice anyway:

After my first dissapointment I used my time to do some sightseeing, since I wont have the time during the conference (WAC-6). This is the Record Tower from Dublin Castle:

and this is City Hall Square:

This is Dublin City Civic crest, three castles in flames:

And here we have the sorry excuse of a Viking market. I was a bit disappointed, or even more than a bit. Dublin is such a famous Viking town, so I expected something sensational. But a couple of stands with some weaving demonstrations was all

At least some people in garb fought more or less authentic. After I visited York's Viking Festival once, I must say this couldn't compete at all. What a pity.

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