Friday, April 13, 2007


I'm back from Portugal! It was not overwhelming but quite nice. One day we rented a car and went to see the hinterland of Lisbon, i.e. the area around Évora. Actually we visited dolmen, menhir and stone circles. Must have been a pretty hard day for my guys, but hell, a little bit of culture can't hurt too much.

These photos are from the largest stone circle in Portugal, the cromeleque of Almendres [almendresch]:

It was also the worst reconstructed stone circle (at least I sincerely hope so). Not so much as one standing stone was at it's original place which was marked (hopefully) by archaeologists. However, some had nice cup-and-ring marks on it,

Others even had Neolithic adorants (= stick figures with upraised arms) pecked into it,

Ok, ok this one is missing the arms, but still a nice neolithic figure. One had three circles of a later date incised , probably medieval, since they were made with a metal tool,

I hope you like my pics :)

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