Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A trip to London

Sometimes I just can't help going to one of my most favourite cities in the world, after all it's just half an hour by train away. A must is a visit to my new favourite health food shop in Kensington High, Whole Foods Market. Check out their webpage for recipes:
Their salad bar and hot meals are so yummie......

A second must go in terms of food is my favourite (again) sushi-to-go shop, the Wasabi in Oxford Street. Vegetarian sushi and o-nigiri galore and there is a nice little park at the end of Marlybone Street where everyone is sitting around and having lunch (if it's not raining). A perfect spot to enjoy your sushi. But check out their website, too, because it has funny little videos about sushi-etiquette.

But today I didn't go this little park, instead I went all big and went to Hyde Park:

I even found modern 'megalithic art' in Hyde Park:

After some tiring shopping (spring finally came to Southern Britain and demanded for lighter summer clothes) I had a stop-over at St. Pauls, but there was a BBC thing going on and most of the area around the cathedral was roped off , therefore only a really bad photo of the not roped-off part:

And last but not least a nice pub sign:

You see, London is always worth a visit.....

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