Thursday, April 23, 2009

Forgetfulness is good for creativity

Today, I came home late from my Japanese class. On my way home I was pondering what my spouse, who was also late because of a fitness class, would have for dinner today. Did he go to the uni cafeteria? Did he stop over at the Chinese fast food shop? Or will he buy Döner from our village's only Döner fast food? And then it hit me! I promised to unfreeze the leftover quiche I made him a couple of weeks ago and heat it up till he would arrive. A glance at my watch: 20 min left till he comes home. Oh my god, why am I so unmindful und forgetting things all the time. It was not because he doesn't deserve me cooking for him, although being true, this is a completely different chapter.

Well, there is a positive side to everything in life. So I made one of my ingenious scrap-together-everything-from-the-fridge-apart-from-the-mouldy-thingies recipes.
And here it is: pasta with walnut chilli:

It was darn good. I chopped some onions and fried them. Usually I add soy chilli, but of course, I didn't have any at home, so I used chopped walnuts and fried them, too. Tomato passata, corn kernels, peas, fresh spinach leaves, and some spices and voilà, a perfect chili. I thought it much better than with soy chilli, so walnuts will be my favourite meat substitute in chilli from now on.

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