Monday, October 26, 2009

Culinary Autumn Experiments

My healthfood store had something new in store for me (and other lazy people that is), a strudel dough in the cold shelf. Now as you know, to make a strudel dough is a very time consuming task, and I was eager to try a short cut.

So I quickly made up a brussel sprouts-and-chestnut strudel.

I have to admit it doesn't look very appetizing, just a brown mess in dough with some yellow slime running over it. But believe me this is mostly due to using a mobile cam. I know, I shouldn't do this. However, despite its looks it was quite tasty and the winter purslane salad, although looking like bumming around for a couple of days, was actually super fresh. Next time I'll use a proper camera, I promise.

I wasn't quite convinced by the texture of the strudel dough, so next time I will make my own from this web page for example.

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