Friday, January 22, 2010

Last day in Xi'an

Since we didn't have enough archaeology up to now we (or was it me?) decided to visit theShaanxi Provincial History Museum.

This scene depicts the daily life of Dali Man, a kind of Chinese Homo neanderthalensis. As you can see, the gym and weight lifting was already important 200,000 years ago, while the woman was obviously not interested in male show-offs and concentrates on her child instead:

This Neolithic chained double-ring was found in Jiangzhai, Xi'an City:

This Western Zhou Dynasty Chariot with horses was found in Zhangjiapo village near Xi'an. The chariot togehter with its horses was buried in a pit near the big main grave of a Western Zhou noble man:

And look at these birds! Aren' they just beautiful? From the Late Shang Dynasty (13th to 11th cent. BC):

This gilded bronze dragon is from Caochangpo in Xi'an (Tang Dynasty, AD 618-907):

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