Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm back! - From Abu Dhabi

Well, here I am again. Nobody seems to have missed me. But that doesn't stop me from pestering you with new blog entries.

So here is the first one for this year. Maybe it's best to let you know where I was between the years and post a camel photo (that's what I promised you after all). We spent our Christmas holidays in beautiful United Arab Emirates, in Abu Dhabi to be more exact. I'll just give you some impressions on how diverse a holiday in the desert can be.
At first we stayed at the Qasr al Sarab Desert Resort. Nice, isn't it?

Only surrounded by desert and camels

the desserts in the desert were just fabulous. Who can resist a gilded raspberry?

or a lovely apple tart at the pool?

 Morning fog:

We spent some time in Abu Dhabi City. The most impressive building was certainly the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, unbelievably beautiful. I had to wear an abaya though to get in :)

A short expedition into the Jebel Haffit mountains:

and to Al Ain where the National Museum is.

I just had to add a second photo from the museum. It's got a camel on it! Look!

The Al Ain Oasis with date palms:

 Hatta Dam in the Hajar mountains:

The famous Hatta rock pools:

 Hatta Fort tower:

Back in the city - underground camels:

and of course shopping malls with Christmas trees:

Actually I haven't finished with Abu Dhabi yet. There is so much to see and do, I have to get back. There is a lot of archaeology still waiting for me. For some we needed a pass to get in because they were on private ground, others had different opening times to what the webpages said or I only discovered them on the go - so to speak. Other sites we wanted to see needed an SUV and we only rented a normal car. We tried, but you can only go so far into the sand with a city car :(

I will make proper preparations next time and hope to be able to return soon. Abu Dhabi has so muchmore to offer than oil. And don't forget all the camels ...


  1. Oh you have a fab job that takes you around the world. I am so envious. I've been to Abu Dhabi, well not really the plane I was on had to stop there for refuelling and then take off again, so no I ain't really seen it. I'd love to though. Liking the look of that apple tart - by the pool you say :) And those underground camels are pretty cool.

    PS You have been missed. I've been coming by your blog now and then and have noted you missing, but assumed rightly you were having fun.

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