Thursday, October 25, 2012

Abu Dhabi - In the Desert

In the afternoon we went on a desert safari. Our tourguide was a bit grumpy and hardly talked at all; mostly just bellowing orders like: 'camel. 5 minutes. photos'
So this was the 5-minute-camel:

We then had some 'dune bashing' in other words you drive the dunes up and down and get car sick:

However, they didn't succed in getting us car sick enough; we were still able to admire the beauty of the desert:

Then Mr Grumpy dropped us off at a campsite: 'camel ride first' and left to do what Arabic men do in the desert (God Allah knows what). The camel ride was not what I would call a camel ride. It rather was a circus ride: ride your camel around a pole in a circle of 3 m in diameter.
The rest of the day was much more relaxed. My friend T got a henna tattoo:

We also had a nice decent Arabic dinner (although they didn't manage to get the barbecue going - not really a bother for a vegetarian though):
And we also had a Russian girl for belly dancing:


  1. I'm really enjoying reading about your current travels, the photos are so interesting. I like camels, their faces are wonderful and they are so kind of prehistoric, but I am scared of them! No camel rides for me. x

    1. Thanks Minerva :)
      But you don't need to be scared of a camel ride, it is so much more relaxed than for example a horse ride :) and really fun. They are so friendly animals and just watching the camel is worth the ride, the lovely soft and curly hair and when its soft feet roll over the sand ... just beautiful.

  2. i loved that picture of food did they provide these kind of food in Desert Safari Dubai?

    1. The tour was booked with 'emirates adventures'but can't really recommend it. Next time I might book with your company :)