Thursday, December 06, 2012

Christmas Market in Karlsruhe

Some impressions from the Christmas Market in Karlsruhe (Christkindlesmarkt):

The ice rink:

The big Christmas windmill near the shopping centre:

Christmas stars:

Loads of people drinking mulled wine:

And my friend T brought me a birthday gift: vegan cookies and look closely at that cookie cutter! Yup it's a camel :))


  1. camel cookie cutter now that is interesting. Thanks for your comment on my previous post. I have not posted your comment as I am following you advice and I do not want the person who is stealing my content to see what you have advised until issue resolved. I also contacted google,not much help as the person stealing my blog entries and photos is not a google user.

  2. wishing you a happy new year torwen, and THANK you so much for the bottom or my heart x

  3. And a happy and succesful New Year to you, Shaheen. I wonder whether you will be able to achieve something against this horrible thief :( things like that take out the fun of blogging.

  4. Beautiful photos. I love the lights in winter. Those cookies look pretty nice also! Minerva ~