Thursday, July 10, 2008

Last Days in Dublin

Yesterday I didn't do a lot. It was raining, and I mean real rain, not the usual Irish rain. So I went to the City Hall to see their exhibition about the origins of Dublin, however, most of it was later Medieval and not so much Viking. Anyways, it was dry and there were some videos running, so not too bad. I then looked for Isolde's Tower, yes the one from Tristan and Isolde, but there were only some walls from the old tower visible from the distance, fenced off and behind glass. But there are some remains frome the town wall, dating to 1240.

On the way I found a cool 'Viking' boat, ehhm...ship.

The rest of the day I spent on the shopping streets, but I had a wonderful lunch at the all-vegetarian little restaurant, the Cornucopia Wicklow Street. After all the overcooked vegetables during our excursion, it was a real wellcome change (I was the only vegetarian in our group).

Now that I have bought more than 10 kg of books I thought no more books anymore and therefore today I went to Trinity college, to see the book of Kells, a manuscript from around AD 800. A hefty price of 7 Euros for students for a small exhibition of a couple of medieval manuscripts but a beautifully made exhibtion, that I have to admit.

And this is all for Dublin because now I am sitting at the airport and thanks to free i-net (thanks to eircom) I wirte my last post of my trip to Ireland. From now on it will be all boring stuff again :)

And a last tribute to my favourite cider:

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