Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm back from holidays

Oh my god. How I have neglected my blog. On our holidays we had such a lot to do and to see and to eat, I had barely time to get my mails, apart from the fact that we didn't have internet at all the places we stayed. However, I will post some pics from this really really fantastic holiday. Well, the Hawaiian Islands are always fantastic and we vistited three of them during these nearly 4 weeks.

The first week the boys and I stayed on Kauai, the oldest island of the archipelagpo. And here are some photos, so you can see how lush and multifaceted this island is. I think I loved it even more than Oahu (because it doesn't have a Honolulu *grin*). So, here it comes:

The 'spouting horn' in Po'ipu where our condo was:

water rushes under a lava shelf and bursts through a small opening to the surface 50 feet (15m) high. according to legend, an evil mo'o (lizard) is trapped here and therefore you can hear its groans with every wave coming through.

That is how the beach area is looking like if there is no sand:

There are deepenings all over the area and you can observe life in a tide-pool:

And the south of Kauai is also the Prince Kuhio Park. Here Prince Kuhio was born in a hut and the foundations of houses and shrines are still visible and situated in the back of the park. The Ho'ai Heiau has been restorated and lookes today like this:

In the park wild noni trees are growing together with coconuts and other wild tropical flora:

To be continued....

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