Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kauai (part 3)

Along the Wailua River are seven known heiaus. Settling of the riversides was reserved for the Hawaiian royalty, the ali'i. The Poliahu heiau is further up the river, not far from the Opaeka'a Falls:
The heiau is built high above the lands below and granting a good view of the river and even of the ocean. Although it's named after the godess of snow, Poliahu, it was probably dedicated to the god of war. It was accesible only for the ali'i and once a month the deities gathered here at the night of Kane, the day dedicated to the god Kane, the father of all living creatures, who by the way was dark, with black curly hair and thick lips.

Today mere mortals are obviously allowed to vist and worship at prominent stones of the heiau ;)
The second largest heiau on Kauai, it was of enormous importance and the chief's children were born here. This is a socalled birthstone (the upright one in the front):
And here a look of one of the heiau's enclosures from above:
On top of the heiau is an abandoned modern cemetery:

We then drove back along the Waimea river watching people waterskiing:

We were rewarded with a wonderful sunset (happens nearly daily, not really a reward therefore):

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  1. no really reward therefore?
    a bl**dy lie. it's always rewarding :-P