Friday, May 08, 2009

The merry month of May or the dreaded asparagus time of the year

My friends probably know, I'm not a friend of asparagus even less white asparagus that is so common in Germany.

But well, M is a big fan and once in a while I have to give in and cook pancakes with white asparagus and sauce hollandaise. While white asparagus is nasty in itself, in combination with a fatty and eggy sauce it is nearly unbearable. However, on my way to veganism, I choose to not only replace the pancakes with oatmilk pancakes but also try a vegan hollandaise. I used a recipe from vegetarian times (, a well-known American journal for vegetarian lifestyle and made some adjustments to give it the taste my usual hollandaise would have.

I didn't tell M and he loved it. He said 'mhhh your sauce is really great today' and swished the pot clean with a last bit of a pancake. Well, see, it works without animal (dead or tortured) involvement.

And here is a photo of completely vegan 'pancakes with white asparagus and sauce hollandaise':

I am just wondering whether I let my unknowing spouse die in ignorance or whether I should tell him that he ate (and liked!) something very healthy today.

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