Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hakone and Lake Ashi

Leaving Tokyo we headed for Hakone. The first obstacle was renting a car, since we didn't want all the hassle with dragging our luggage across trains and buses. None of us had an international driver's license. So we had to go to an official translator first and then, with this document in hand, we could go to the car rental. But at last we were sitting in the car and driving off to Hakone, a hot spring town not far from Mount Fuji.

3000 years ago there was a volcano, called Mount Hakone, where nowadays a beautiful lake (芦ノ湖, Ashino-ko) is situated. After its eruption a caldera lake developed. Today it is a main attraction in Hakone with tourist boats criss-crossing lake Ashi.
I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this scenic tour, so we left C in the Onsen hotel since was not feeling too well, and went off for a tour in a faux  replica of a  man-of-war pirate ship:

Pirate ship

Figure head

Enjoy some views from the tour:

Hakone rope-way heading into the fog

The famous gate from Hakone Jinja (箱根神社)

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