Friday, November 19, 2010

Hakone Hanabi

In Hakone we stayed at the Green Plaza Hotel ( in an 'East meets West' room, in other words two slept in a western bed und two had the luxury of sleeping on a futon. The Green Plaza may look a bit dull

but it is far from it. It has a nice onsen section, a superb restaurant, friendly staff, all you could possibly ask for.

Adjoining to our room we had a small private onsen! Wonderful, just relaxing in the hot mineral-rich water and watching the little garden in front of you...

When we arrived they told us that there will be a firework at the lake which we could watch from a cruise ship. Hey we love fireworks and although we just saw a most beautiful hanabi in Yokohama, off we went to see the local fireworks.

beautiful, isn't it? While watching from our ship I thought that a small rowing boat had caught fire, but now looking at the photos I noticed that it is actually the figure of a standing man holding an oar in a boat that was lit up:

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