Sunday, January 30, 2011

A movie about a 'normal' American guy turning into an animal rights activist

This movie (The witness, 2000) might already be more than ten years old, but sadly it is still of topical interest. This is from the movie synopsis from the official movie site.

At least spend two and a half minutes and watch the trailer. And stop buying fur. For you it's decoration, for the animal it's a question of (miserable) life and death.

"A creature of Manhattan, Eddie is exposed to the fashion industry’s hard-sell of fur as a luxury item, and it troubles him. “I fell in love with a fur bearer,” he reasons, “and I didn’t see any difference between my little fur bearer and another fur bearer traveling the forest.”

Eddie converts one of his work vans into a mobile audio-visual system, an invention he calls “FaunaVision.” When his construction office closes down for the night, he takes to the streets in his van and delivers images of animals on fur farms and trap lines—right to the heart of the city, where the furs are bought and sold. As he pulls over to the curb, crowds gather, people stare..."

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