Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Garden Museum, London

Have you ever been to the Garden Museum in London? No? If not you should stop there next time you are in London whether you actually own a garden or not. This is for the following reasons:

a) the walk from the tube station to the museum is fabulous
coming from Westminster station you first have to cross the Thames and while doing so you can enjoy the view of the London Eye:
Then of course, you can see Westminster and Big Ben

or just have a look at the magnificent lamp posts along Lambeth Road:

b) the building of the garden museum is actually an old church and opposite of its entrance you can still admire old gravestones and grave slabs

c) there is a marvellous vegetarian café inside the museum with daily changing lunch menu (I had spicy kale with chickpeas, potatoes, and hummus)

d) they have all kinds of events during the year (it was potatoe day when I came and they sold heirloom potatoes and seeds)

e) you can avoid the terribly long queues at the Natural History Museum


  1. The last time I was in London was for the VeggieFest.

    I wasn't aware of the the Garden Museum London. Next time I am there, i will be sure to put it on my schedule - an added bonus is the vegetarian cafe. Thanks for sharing.

  2. @mangocheeks:
    it's definitely worth a visit. Sometimes the smaller museums are more fun than the huge and famous ones.