Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sundried Tomato and Wild Garlic Pesto

As Allotment 2 Kitchen (you have to scroll through her blog, there are loads of wild garlic recipes!), I'm not yet finished with wild garlic. I think I have become addicted to wild garlic pesto. And, with white asparagus abundantly available, I got inspired by Kirsten's asparagus with pesto recipe (if you can read 'Scandinavian' go and have a look at her beautiful and vegetarian blog Kødfri fredag).

Of course I tweeked the recipe a bit (who doesn't?) and this super deli pesto came out:

I know, it's kind of a weird presentation on a tea tray-ish thingy, but hey, it was the only small and white dish I had at hand, so I hope you will forgive me. More important, here is the recipe:

~ 10 sundried tomatoes (if you are a think-ahead-type of person you can soak them in water for half an hour - I didn't of course, your blender or kitchen machine just has to work harder)
1/2 cup of walnuts
4 tablespoons of olive oil (less if you use sundried tomatoes in oil)
chili flakes or 1/2 fresh chili
2 garlic gloves
a small bunch of Italian flat parsley
a small bunch of wild garlic
herb salt and pepper to taste

put everything in your kitchen machine and chop until you have reached the desired consistency. You know I want my pesto rough and firm because I use it as spread, seasoning for soups, and and and.
You might have to add oil for your liking.

Pour over cooked white asparagus and enjoy!


  1. Thank you for the kind mention. Its most appreciated. I do like the addition of the sundried tomatoes in your super deli pesto.

    Your so lucky to have white asparagus. I had some for the first time two years ago when in Paris for my honeymoon. I don't think i've ever seen it fresh in the U.K (except in jars). As recommended I'm off to check out Kirstens blog now.

  2. I'm not quite sure about white asparagus ... my husband likes them very much but I definitely prefer the green ones. But you are right I never saw them while living in the UK. That's very odd.

  3. Torwen,
    Funny you should say that, my husband was not that keen on the white asparagus as he was on the green. The white asparagus is very asparagus.