Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pentecost Holiday at Lake Como, Lombardy

In case you have missed me, we spent a week in Italy, at Lake Como to be specific. We rented a cosy (that is as the Adam's family would define cosy, in other words cold and damp) holiday home with view on the lake. In addition to it's 'cosiness' it added an internet free surrounding which was actually quite beneficial. C rented a dongle for the time being, which was maddeningly slow, but I survived quite happily without internet. Neither mouldy manors nor rainy days could dampen my spirit. I wanted to enjoy the holidays, especially since our friends from Austria spent a couple of days with us in the mouldy manor.

This is Lake Como with a view on Varenna, the 850-inhabitants town where our holiday home was situated.

Here is a closer look where you can see the castello di Vezio on top of the village:

An even closer look shows how picturesque the villages around the lake are:

They are full of old fountains,

narrow staircases (this is in Bellagio),

dangerous cats (the sign reads 'beware of the cat')

and beautiful passion fruit flowers.

My friend K even found an Austrian bench in Bellagio. In case you don't know, Austrian benches have one short leg and one long leg because of the hills and mountains in Austria. You would never be able to put up a regularly built bench. Since Bellagio is quite hilly, too, Austrian benches are quite convenient as you can see. They are especially suited to Austrian people since it is said that they all have one leg shorter than the other to be able to stand on an Austrian street. Here is the proof:

Don't believe everything I say, though.


  1. Schön! Urlaub ohne Internet ist einfach entspannend, auch wenn 'cosy' hier nicht ganz so toll klingt. ;-)

  2. Ja schön war es trotzdem und solange ich nicht dauernd in so einem klammen Haus wohnen muss ... es war ja eigentlich recht schön, mit Blick auf See und Terasse zum Grillen.
    Aber euer Italien Urlaub war ja auch nicht schlecht. Euer Schiff sah aus wie ein Riesen-Department Store :))

  3. Stimmt, das war schon dekadent. War ein Ersatz für Japan, das wir ja verschoben haben.

    Seeblick und Terrasse ist klasse!