Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pentecost Holiday - Il Castello di Vezio

This is our holiday home, also known as the Mouldy Manor. Not bad to look at, isn't it? It looks huge, but it is built into the hill and is only one room in depth.

Therefore all rooms had an undisturbed view on the lake, which was pretty nice.

Our friends didn't want to climb the castle, so when they left Mouldy Manor (and they had to leave early since Gottfried the cat was already pouting and sulking at home) our first trip was up the hill to the castello di Vezio. The tiny village in the mountains has a very nice church from the 11th century, the church of San Giacomo. Though most you can see are additions from the 17th and 18th century.

The main altar of carved and gilded wood is also from the 18th century.


Next to the church is the castle of Vezio (
The castle was full of surprises. There were lovely exhibitions of art all over the castle grounds,

and apart from an equally lovely herb garden (I really had to restrain myself from picking up herbs) they also had quite some flowers to show, here a lily:

I especially loved the 'ghost art' which was all over the castle. They were moulded over volunteers and the papier mâché lies around until snow and rain dissolves it completely and a new ghost is made in the next spring season.

There was also a falconry but we missed the performance. But here you can see Parsival, the Harris Hawk:

There was also a nice outdoor restaurant (Il Ristoro del Castello) where we treated ourselves to some spaghetti and mint water (on the right-hand side) and mint granita (on the left-hand side) which is basically frozen and then muddled up mint water. Isn't the artificial colour abominable? But it was a cool and refreshing drink nevertheless.

Our way back led us along a river which cascaded down the valley

and along old and not so old houses.

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