Friday, August 17, 2012

Poppy 'Schmarrn'

Poppy seeds again? Either there are opiates left in poppy seed and I'm already addicted or Barbara's 'Mohnschmarrn' recipe was just irresistible :) I go for the latter (unless you'll see only poppy recipes in the near future *hehe*).

But what is a 'Schmarrn'? For one a difficult to pronounce German word: 7 consonants and only one vowel. Crazy isn't it? The word is Bavarian or Austrian and means 'nonsense' but in the realms of cuisine it means a fluffy pancake which is shredded to pieces; the most famous 'Schmarrn' is the 'Kaiserschmarrn'. But Barbara choose to do a poppy seed Schmarrn *drool*

Since I had some leftover ground poppy seed and I was alone at home today, this was a very welcome, quick and satisfying dinner.

I exchanged some of the ingredients to make it vegan (a more true to the original Kaiserschmarrn and yet vegan recipe can be found here).

But let's go straight for the poppy Schmarrn recipe:

for 2 pers

for the poppy mixture:

150 ml soy cream
50 g ground poppy seeds (you can use a coffee grinder to do this)
lemon zest

for the Schmarrn:

250 ml vegan milk (I used a spelt-almond drink)
1 tablespoon soy flour
5 tablespoons flour (I used spelt flour)
1 teaspoon baking powder
1.5 tablespoons agave nectar

oil for frying
rapadura (dehydrated sugar cane juice) for sprinkling the finished Schmarrn

What to do:

 Heat the soy cream and bring to a boil, add the ground poppy seeds and let the mixture rest for a couple of minutes. Add the lemon zest.

Meanwhile pour the vegan milk in a high vessel and use a hand mixer (or lots of muscle power) to mix in the soy flour until you get a frothy mass.

Add flour, baking powder, agave nectar, and vanilla and mix well. Then use a wooden spoon and fold in the poppy seed mixture.

Heat the oil in a pan, add mixture (roughly as thick as an American pancake) and bake golden on one side. Then turn it over and shred into pieces with two forks. If the Schmarrn gets a bit sticky and doesn't turn over in one piece .... well, it actually doesn't matter since you are tearing it up anyway :)

 Sprinkle with rapadura and serve with fresh fruit or fruit compote.

The finished Schmarrn looked a bit darker than Barbara's but it was very yummy. So if you have the occasional sweet tooth attack, try this very German/Austrian recipe :)

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