Sunday, October 14, 2007


Our next stop was Beppu, one of Japan's most famous hot springs (onsen) areas. Some hot springs, however, are only for viewing. They are called the 'nine hells of Beppu' (jigoku):

Kamado jigoku, the "cooking pot hell" features several boiling ponds and a flashy demon statue as cook.:

The hot water is actually used for cooking. The basket contains eggs which are lowered into the steaming hot water:

This pudding, a kind of crème brulée cooked by means of hot steam is famous, too:

Umi jigoku, the "sea hell" features a pond of hot, blue water:

Chinoike Jigoku , the "blood pond hell" features a pond of hot, red water:

Be careful, don't wake up the devil who is sleeping and snoring here, exhaling hot breath with every snore:

Shiraike jigoku, the "white pond hell" got its name from its milky white water.

Oniishibozu jigoku is named after the mud bubbles, which emerge from boiling mud pools and look like the shaven heads of monks:

In oniyama jigoku crocodiles and alligators are bred and kept , hence it name 'monster mountain hell':

Tatsumaki jigoku, the "spout hell" features a boiling hot geyser, which erupts every 25-30 minutes for a couple of minutes:

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