Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Fukuoka City Archaeological Centre

At my last weekend in Fukuoka I went to the Fukuoka City Archaeological Centre. Part of the Universtity, it offers a small but very interesting exhibition with lots of information about excavations in the Fukuoka area and the restauration of the finds thereof.

Just to show you some nice pottery (I know you are desparate to see all the Jomon and Yayoi pottery pics, but M. fell asleep when I showed him my pictures, therefore I will spare you the whole bunch of them). But have a look at the little bird, engraved in the neck of a vessel:

Pretty, huh? And these cylindrical haniwa from the Kofun period are a must-see, too:

At the hands-on corner, you could experience how Jomon people made different impressions into the still soft clay of the pottery. Fun for kids, who can use different shells, bamboo stamps, etc. for their artistic expression.

On my way home I stumbled over this old wooden house with a vending machine at the front. Vending machines for drinks are everywhere in Japan and I don't know what I would have done without them. There is nothing more wonderful than a cold green tea when it's really hot.

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