Monday, October 01, 2007

Dazaifu - again

Jeeeeez. It's been too long. But since I left Fukuoka I had no free internet anymore and internet cafés are rare and expensive. But do not fear I will keep you informed about what happened during the last couple of weeks in Japan.
I went to Daizaifu - again. And I couldn't resist the mochi - again. Although I'm not very fond of sweets, you just have to eat at least one mochi rice cake, filled with adzuki bean paste. Yes, it's awfully sweet, but then, hey, that nun baked them all the time for that scholar I told you last time, Michizane. Mochi bakeries and souvenir shops line both sides of the boulevard leading to the shrine:

And here you can admire the omnipresent Koi in Japan's ponds:

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