Friday, December 05, 2008


Bradford is just as I have remembered it, one of the sadest and most pitiful towns in England. I was looking for a knitting wool shop (which of course didn't exist anymore) and came across the TJ Hughes department store. Here you can experience on of the worst department stores you will ever come across in your life. It has the charm of pound land and the prices of Primark, but at least primark keeps it's dignity, so if you want to buy cheap, for heaven's sake go to Primark and not to TJ Hughes. I have never seen so much acrylic things on one spot. But that is the essence of Bradford, not value for money (which would at least make sense) but cheap, really cheap.

This is the new "Broadway Centre with over 100 shops and offices" according to the leaflet from the tourist information " for opening late 2007". And what have we now? Ah yes, late 2008. And still not a single wall standing of this ambitious project. But how could Bradford afford building such a project when they can't even afford to put some gritt on the iced pedestrian walks.

This here is the townhall of Bradford, which was built in the second half of the 19th century and extended in the early 20th century. It actually is a nice building but at the moment it is defaced by the Bradford Christmas spirit. A ferries wheel is obviously the highlight of Christmas, and the illumination doesn't help either. So sad.

The best thing Bradford has to offer is certainly it's university. One of the finest universities (archaeology-wise) in the country with a beautiful campus. And let's not forget Waterstones, not because of it's divers selections but because there is a Star Bucks on the second level.
But of course not all is bad in Bradford. The Love Apple restaurant and bar has wonderful veggie dishes and the new Tulsi being an all vegetarian Indian buffet restaurant. Hm...yummie.

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