Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Christmas Dinner - more than a menue

Of course I didn't do all the 6 courses of my menue, we left the redbeet risotto for tormorrow. I tend to cook large portions and it probably was quite tasty since we had two servicings from every course. But after the third course or so we started to get really full.

Here are some pics, so you can see that it also looks quite nice most of the time.

First was the cream of potatoe soup with some coriander green on top to make it more exotic or just because I didn't get any chervil in winter, who knows. this recipe is my mother's hence I can't post a recipe.

Then we had the 'Christmas Salad' from ( which was as good as it looked in it's Christmas colours:

I served it with soybean-baps a la bruschetta and it came out really nice:

We restricted the main course to the nut roast and it was a wise decision. I put Wendy's nutroast ( in a star-form dish to give it a bit more festive character.

This is a really light and wonderfully cashew nut-roast, which would be lovely in summer, too. Mini-gnocchi, roasted carrots and asparagus with a creamy crème fraîche lemon basil sauce rounded off our main.

For desert we had the lemon-tofu cake, a recipe from the Eight Day Café in Manchester. Instead of the digestive cookies I used spekulatius Christmas cookies (a kind of gingery biscuits) and I decorated it with a drizzle of rosehip jam, again to give it a festive look, but also because I put too much lemon juice in it and it was quite sour *lol* any way, it was tasty and not bad for my first vegan cheesecake, altought still worthy of improvement.

Stay tuned for the rest of our Christmas dinner which we will have tomorrow.

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