Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I left Bradford as soon as possible and stayed the rest of my trip in Manchester. First because it is an endlessly better option for shopping, second because my flight went from Manchester anyway, and last not least, it is a way more interesting town.... city..... whatever.

This is Manchester Cathedral, or rather one of it. I learnt that there are two cathedrals in Manchester, why, I don't know.

This is one of its modern, yet wonderful, stained-glass windows:

The townhall of Manchester with the European Christmas market (one of the seven markets in Manchester):

The old city centre with a ferris wheel. But this time a bit more discreet, being in front of the modern departmentstores instead of the old timber-framed buildings:

and a nice pub (this photo is especially for P and C, stay sharp!)

This is the International Christmas Market:

And of course the German one with -what is so typical for Germany- Bratwurst!

Christmas Carols in the shopping centre:
And funny buses:

I also had the chance to test one of Manchester's vegetarian restaurants, the Eight Day Café ( I had a marvellous vegan cottage pie. And don't forget to check out their webpage because they post a lot of their fav recipes.

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