Monday, January 05, 2009

Again a year hurried away from us. 2009 already, a bit terrifying I have to admit. Therefore I will resort to the old year, for a bit, just to finish our lovely Christmas dinner presentation and so on.

Unfortunately I can't show you a photo of our red beet risotto. A long time ago when people actually used coated films to shoot photos, it could very well happen that you forgot to put in the film and only much later noticed that all your doing was in vain. I never thought this could happen in our digital age. But be warned, there are still memory cards you need to insert before shooting. To make it short, we didn't and so the pic of the risotto is in some other space-time-dimension. However, we managed to take a photo of the Christmas pudding. Not everyone's favourite, but hey, it's a tradtion that must be upheld. I bought it (oh, come on, you didn't expected me to do it from scratch, did you?) in my favourite organic food shop in London, Whole Foods Market, Europe's largest organic supermarket by the way. I think it was Tiptree's, but I'am not quite sure, I bought it some time ago. As you are probably well aware, Christmas puddings have to mature over weeks or even months.

Instead of brandy butter or mint butter, we decided to have custard with it and we were in no way dissapointed. Just awsome (if you like puddings, of course).

We spent New Year's Eve and New Year's Day in Austria with my friend and her husband in Nenzing. This is pretty much how it actually looks, with all the mountains around it.

Now we are back in Germany with my library account frozen, my oven exploded, our entrance door shattered and I'm waiting what good 2009 can still bring me.
Luckily the ceramic hob is still working and what better to cook in a pan (or in this case a wok) than Chinese fried noodles:
Cook some Chinese noodles, set aside. Meanwhile heat sesame oil in a wok, add carrots, brussel sprouts, red bell pepper, leek, garlic. Season with a Chinese mixed seasoning and a bit of tamari sauce, add the noodles, toss well and garnish with lemongrass. So yummie!

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