Sunday, January 18, 2009

a pre-inauguration dinner

On Tuesday America will have a new president. A lot of Americans are therefore having an inauguration party on this very day. Well, nobody is here at this charming and most of the time too quiet and boring 'spa resort' (Yes, Wilhelmsfeld is a so-called Luftkurort. Haha....)
However, there ain't no fun in having an inauguration party all to yourself, therefore we decided to have a small pre-inauguration dinner with coctails on Saturday:

In real life the cocktail was much more blue-ish, like the blue states. It was an Obama-rama, which P adapted from an adaptation from the famous (? at least expensive) Pink Door restaurant (the alcoholic version is here: It was a real treat :)

For dinner we had a veganized version of the Obama-family chili ( which was spicy and utterly yummie:

I would have loved to do the Flag sheet cake, but my oven is still broken, so I just pepped up some banana cream roll (his father is from Kenya after all *grin*):

And my, isn't that patriotic? And I'm not even American. How happy must they be on Tuesday?

Have a nice inauguration day and God bless America! :))

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