Wednesday, January 07, 2009

EU approves genetically modified soybean for import

This news on slightly shocked me, I have to admit. I always thought, OK, Bush and his blind followers, mainly the red states, were stupid enough to watch Monsanto gain billions in exchange for their health risking, economically insane, morally not justifiable, genetically 'enhanced' crop seeds. But obviously we, here on the Old World are as studpid:

The European Union has authorized imports of a genetically modified (GM) soybean type for sale across its 27 national markets for the next 10 years, the European Commission said on Thursday(...) Developed and marketed by Monsanto, the soybean is destined to be imported for use in food and animal feed, not for (Dec 4th 2008).
To think that my edamame is GM....yuck yuck yuck

A report from the Ministry of Health in Austria clearly showed 'a diet-host interaction that should be further evaluated'. In it's conclusion this report clearly showed the underlying danger by genetically modified soy or corn fed to animals:
'Summarising the study, the maize with the stacked event NK603 x MON810 affected the reproduction of mice in the RACB trial. Whether similar findings could be expected for other animals, needs to be evaluated in studies including reproductive traits. Future studies are necessary to determine the impact of normal and transgenic dietary ingredients on the organism.' (The full report can be downloaded here:
But hey, why wait till we know more. Fertility of the mice used for this experiment was severely impacted on. Litter size went down 25 to 30 percent. Birth weight was on the drop. Men become infertile from hormones (mainly the 'pill' in drinking water), so let's do something against discrimination and let us make our females unproductive. This way we will soon face obliteration
and earth can breathe again.

But until then Monsanto will feel really good.In the last 5 years, Monsanto’s stock price is up over 700 percent, and the company’s directors are getting their shares, and oh they are doing good too:

And how good (in deceiving) these influential companies are can be seen by the fact that their own studies show their products causing severe harm and they can still succesfully sell their products and now to the EU market

"A Monsanto study on a new type of GM Bt maize shows significant harm caused to
rats fed on the variety, called MON 863. The study shows kidney abnormalities and unusually high levels of white blood cells. It raises serious concerns about the impacts of GM foods on human health." (

And that transgenetic genes flow even into my organically grown veggies are certain:

"In Mexico researchers have detected widespread contamination of traditional
varieties of corn, caused by surreptitious imports of genetically engineered
corn into Mexico ".
I have read German studies which confirm this but was too lazy to look them up.

So what are we? A generation of nutcases? Or silent tax givers for funding companies that would rather kill off people than reduce their profit. Oh well they would only kill the most dim-witted animal on earth which wouldn't be so bad at all.

Sorry for blabbering, but I needed to vent my anger. I will close with the words from Ben Cohen (a co-founder of Ben&Jerry's ice-cream):

"Outrageous! That’s what you’ll say over and over again when you read how the biotechnology companies have manipulated the government, our food, and the media, and put an entire generation at risk."

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