Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My first vegan pancakes!! Happy!!

I think I already told you that I am veganizing (I'm not sure whether there is verb at all, but it kinda sounds cool). Plus, I think I told you that my oven is unusable at the time being. Therefore I have to be resourceful and think of stuff I can make without my beloved oven. This is what I came up with today:

Hazelnut-chili pancakes with Oyster mushroom ragout:

Instead of milk I used a hazelnut milk:

I added ground hazelnuts (should have used chopped one's though) and finely cut red chili pepper (should a have used a hotter variety though).

And oh, they were so yummy. Had I known this before I would have made them all the time. At first I thought they wouldn't keep together without eggs and I made a little one but they were just perfect. Not as soft as conventionally made eggy ones but I liked the crispy sensoric experience even more.

The ragout consisted of oyster mushrooms, carrots, and leek, all pan-fried. I added a spoonful of cashewnut butter to give it the appearance of a cream sauce.

So, being a vegan is not that hard after all :)

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