Monday, June 18, 2012

A short visit to Newcastle: the Great North Museum, Hancock

I had one day left, so I went to Newcastle to view the museum. I was there before but years ago, so I was quite keen to see what had changed.
I admit, the building of the Great North Museum is not the most attractive one, but inside, it was completely remodeled. so I had lots of fun walking through the different galleries.

I found something for the ladies (put together from different sources and some replica beads):

 Appollo, altar dedicated by Gaius of the Second Cohort of Nervians (found at Whitley Castle Fort):

Relief from a water tank showing Venus washing her hair with nymphes holding a towel and fresh water in a jug (High Rochester Fort):

It is not easy to exhibit the complete Roman Wall; but the Great North Museum mastered it brilliantly with a quite impressive  scale model of Hadrian's Wall; it is not only interactive but along the different stations and forts are actual find items to look at.

A modern looking chair in the Egyptian section (18th Dynasty):

The Palaeontology section. Isn't that just beautiful? The hand (foot) print of a Cheirotherium reptile (Cheirotherium means 'handbeast'):

Giant deer and other animals that lived during the Mesolithic:

Street art:

The medieval town wall of Newcastle:

More street art :)

But now enough of archaeology (at least for a short while) because as soon as I got home I packed my suitcase anew. And this time P, C, and myself had big plans. But that's another story.

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