Saturday, June 23, 2012

Widdershins - Time to visit Japan

After a long but pleasant flight (Japanese airlines -in this case ANA- are the best!) we arrived in Narita and were lucky to immediately get a bus to Tsukuba. A friend of P is working on his Ph.D. thesis in Tsukuba (つくば) and so we went there for a couple of days.

Waiting for the bus:

About half an hour later we could check in at our hotel, the Okura Frontier Hotel. Not a beauty to look at, but very convenient. Very close to bus, underground, and shopping malls. It also has a nice bakery shop on the lower floor :)

The backside is not much better :(

When P's friend Ma arrived on his bike he had to park it properly in a bicycle parking lot. You even have to pay for it like in a car park :( 

Since it was already late we went to one of the shopping malls and had some food at one of the restaurants in the food court. It was a 'Spanish' restaurant (of which I don't remember the name anymore) and I thought it to be awesome. We had fried rice, vegetables, patatas bravas and these super delicious rolls with sweet-and-sour sauce:

A have a closer look at the cherry-tomato rose! Isn't that beautiful?

Tomorrow we are looking at really fast things at the KEK and some Japanese stew!


  1. Wow! I'd love to visit Japan, you are so lucky! And I am envious.

    Is that a tree sculpture? It is interesting but I see your point about the building. Love the tomato rose. I used to have to cut radish flowers in one of my first jobs. Enjoy your trip and look forward to more photos from you.

    1. Yes, it's a tree sculpture including the papyrus plants :)

      Maybe one day I'm going to learn to make beautiful food art, too. To start with radishes might not be a bad idea :)