Monday, June 18, 2012

Where the wild things are - a visit to Durham

Some time in March I went to Durham for a conference called 'Where The Wild Things Are'


The conference was not about Maurice Sendak's brilliant book for children but rather about recent research into the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic. It was a very good and interesting conference, I learnt a lot about the Palaeolithic within a very nice atmosphere. It was way to short for my liking. At least I could spend a day in Durham sightseeing and visiting the Oriental Museum and also the Old Fulling Mill archaeology museum.

Durham Cathedral as seen on my way to uni where the conference took place:

The River Wear:

There must have been a fulling mill as early as the 12th century, since the mill dam is mentioned that early. Fulling is the beating and cleaning of wool cloth in water to make a dense fabric of high quality. From the two mills in the 16th century only one is left and now houses the archaeology museum.

Typical British rock art: cups and rings :) (found during ploughing at Fulforth Farm, Witton Gilbert in 1995)

I loved this horned figure of a Romano-Celtic god from the Roman fort Bremenium (High Rochester).

The upper floor was wholly dedicated to wool; from ancient breeds to wool making and felting to modern exhibits made of wool like this environmentally friendly 'coffin'.

Red telephone box, postbox, rubbish box ...

The castle keep - I was really lucky with the weather :)

The River Wear:

The Elvet Bridge not far from the hotel I stayed:

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