Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Beware! Food post coming forward!

M hates quinoa, I don't quite know why, because it is a really lovely crunchy food. But then he doesn't care what's good for you and he doesn't care about non-germanic food at all. In other words he would like to eat meat all day. Somehow I can't quite feigning sympathy for his tennis elbow and arthritic knee. A vegetarian is usually free of these things - at least at our age.
Quinoa is a wonderful grain, very rich in protein (12-18%) as well as in magnesium and iron. Even Popeye would have preferred it to spinach since it has nearly double the iron content of it.

Anyway, I tried a wonderful and really really lemony recipe from the Fatfree Vegan
The only thing I changed is that I used black quinoa I bought in France instead of the usual white one. It is really worth trying, especially since the squash harvest starts and all kind of delicious squashs are sitting on the shelves of your health food store.
As usual a handy cam pic. No time to waste to delve into this delicious meal:

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