Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yokohama-Shinagawa, Kashima Jinja

On my way back to the station I came across a beautiful Shrine, the Kashima Jinja. It was founded in 969 as the tutelary shrine of Oi village. If you walked along the old Tokaido, this would be part of the shrines along this old route. Here is it's hachiman torii:

a look into the interior of the main building, which is a reconstruction from 1931:

To the right of the main hall is a shrine from 1811. Isn't its wood carving just beautiful?

a komainu, a so-called Korean dog, the guardian of the temple or shrine. Here fashionably clad with a red bib. I still haven't found out why and when they are fashioned in this way:

nearby another small shrine:

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