Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yokohama Hanabi (Firework Festival)

Originally I wanted to see the Sumida River Fireworks, but by the time M, P, and C arrived, enjoyed their welcome ginger-tea, C got hold of his bag which he left in the airport shuttle, and M finished the offered canapés it was already too late to go there. So the next day we went to Yokohama, which is luckily just 20 min away from Tokyo and has a spectacular harbour which is just right for this kind of event.

When we arrived the first mats were already put down on the grass for paying customers. We walked around looking for a free space with good view of the harbour and firework while Japanese people in kimono (especially young people and couples) poured into the area:

While we got distracted by the nearby amusement park (and no we didn't ride the 'vanishing roller coaster' you can see here, but a rather tamed log-in-the-water ride)

the crowd became even bigger and more energetic

While the police tried to keep up law and order (meanwhile there was no way through anymore because people were sitting close to each other, blocking streets and accesses) we had settled down on the road surrounded by people with bento boxes, waiting restless for the dark.

Finally the fireworks started and pictures can only badly demonstrate the beauty of the hanabi. It was very impressive and must have cost a fortune because it lasted so long. Here are some photos nevertheless:

Ashamed by this beautiful spectacle the ferris wheel tried hard to attract the attention of the festival goers by reflecting it's mirror image in the water:

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