Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some Food in between

Yes, I am a slacker. But you already knew this.
I still haven't finished to post about my Japan trip although I am back here in Germany for a good two weeks. I will go on to post lovely pics about Japan. So just to keep the boredom down (which is more boring, posting about ancient pots or food?) I'll let you know about my activities in the kitchen. Today we had a complete meal from yesterday's remainders.

The rest of the ratatouille became (together with some homemade guacamole) a nice filling for some taco shells and the main course consisted of a salad from left-over orzo (I hate that name because in Italy I use to have a nice cup of orzo coffee which is a barley coffee). In this case orzo is a kind of greek pasta in the shape of rice kernels. I think they are called Kritharáki in Greek and look like this:

Anyway, this is how my dinner looked like and believe me it was delicious:

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