Thursday, July 29, 2010

Omori Shell mound, Shinagawa Historical Museum, Museum for Eurasian Cultures and Yokohama Harbour Area

My first stop was the historic site of the Omori shell mound. E. S. Morse came to Japan in the late 19th century to study Brachiopoda, but when he spotted the shell mound from his train, he started to excavate it in 1877 with astonishingly accuracy. Here is a memorial plaque near the original site:

The site in the 19th century and in 1984:

His book was published in English and Japanese:

Floor tiles near the NTT building which is now adjacent to the Omori shell mound site:

In the History Museum (Shinagawa Rekishi-kan) a wide section is dedicated to the Jomon shell mound of Omori:

I will spare you Jomon, Yayoi and Kofun artefacts (unless you ask for it). But the museum covers the whole history of the Shinagawa area, here is a nice medical book:

It has also a little garden with a tea house, koi pool, and a Jomon hut outline:

I still had time to visit one more museum, so I went to the Eurasian Cultures Museum. And I will show you only one (!) item, a 3rd century clay figurine from Iran, although it was very interesting and had a special exhibition about domesticated animals in Eurasia on top!

After two museums I spent the rest of the day exploring the harbour area of Yokohama. This is - no, not in Vienna - but somewhere near Nihon Odori Avenue:

I had bought a bento and sat down in Yokohama Park close to the stadium where a baseball game must have been very very exciting. People were screaming inside the stadium. The stadium is home of the Yokohama Baystars, so maybe they were playing :)

From Yokohama Park it is only a short walk to the harbour where you can see all kind of ships. Here the Nippon Maru, now a training ship:

The Portugues NRP Sagres anchoring at the moment in Yokohama:

and a Japanese military ship:

and it's crew:

From there I walked back to the hotel via Cosmo world, an amusement park near the harbour:

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