Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hacho Miso and Kabuto Yama

Today I wanted to have a look at the famous Hatcho Miso Street. The Hacho Miso Comany Ltd. has been sitting here for more than 500 years and is producing high quality miso products. These are some of the old buildings in the Hachoukuradori Ave.

The traditional way to ferment beans to miso is done in huge cedar barrels which are covered with 3 tons of river stones and left there for 2 to 3 years.

You can make a tour or sample their miso or even better buy it for a price between thrice and five times over the supermarket price. Since I came from the back and saw the 'traditional' plastic barrels rolling around I thought I should leave the tour for the buses that stood in front of the tour office or o-miyage shop or rip-the-tourist spot.

Instead I went through the park to get to Kabuto Yama (甲山). Okazakikeikan's Blog said there are Jomon burials there, but I can't confirm this, there is at least nothing left to see from an excavation etc.

This is the way up to Mount Kabuto and this is the top of it:

There is an old cemetery halfway up the hill:

And their are mushrooms (kinoko) as the summer draws to a close:

On my way back I strolled through Okazaki Koen again and noticed that my laments from yesterday must have been heard. They were replanting the neglected flower dial:

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