Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yokohama History Museum

Even if some people think archaeology is boring, this won't let me stop from posting beautiful artefacts. Maybe there are others who will appreciate beauty in archaeology ('others' please comment!!!).
So, after yesterday's first impression of Yokohama from my hotel room window

I went to the 'Yokohama History Museum'. Although they didn't match the enormous number of artefacts from the Nanzan University museum yesterday, I was very impressed with their presentation. The artefacts were well chosen to illustrate different aspects of prehistoric and historic life in the Yokohama area. Here a Jomon vessel (sorry, but I just love this time period with its beautiful pottery):

and a beautiful anthropomorphic vessel from the Yayoi period:

And equally beautiful Haniwa from the Kofun period:

As already mentioned the presentation of the artefacts were mostly connected to a theme, like the contact and diffusion of local ware during the Yayoi period:

They also had a park in which they reconstructed the moated Yayoi village (Otsuka) and some tombs on the original site:

The burial hill with the wooden coffin in the centre part:

They also did a lot for children, they even had an 'outdoor' manga:

To regenerate I stopped at the health food shop I saw on my way to the museum. It had a small café with lunch options. Here is my vegan lunch, the plant's lunch:

and, to have a closer look at the aubergine with amazake sauce:

Unfortunately these are handycam photos, and it tasted by far better than the photo looks :(

On my way back I strolled through Chinatown. Here is the temple (don't look too closely, the stone work is really really bad in comparison with Chinese temples)

The most important thing about Chinatown seems to be the food anyway

Food stores make up about 60 % of Chinatown, the rest are of it is a little museum, above mentioned temple, and shops, shops with clothes, tea, and above all, bric-a-brac, or o-miyage in Japanese:

That's all for today, hope it wasn't too boring ^-^

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  1. well, not belonging to the "others" (whoever they might are) I'd still like to make a comment:
    -ur hotel has a really nice view :)
    -boring artifacts
    -bring huts^^
    -and some really nice plate for you lunch haha~~~