Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lucky Jomon Find and Okazaki Castle

Sometimes, a bad sense of direction has it advantages. I wanted to go to the castle but rather took a wrong turning and instead found something far more interesting than a reconstructed castle. On a small hilltop, adjacent to the river Otagawa, a small Jomon settlement (Shinguu 真宮 Iseki) presented itself in the best light:
The presentation was a bit weird, but I guess it was made in the 1960s or 70s when concrete was the material of choice for everything. But you can see the outline of the huts very well, including the postholes. And, since I know that some of my dear readers are archao-phobic, I won't show any more postholes. Even though there was a further yayoi building close by.

I then proceeded as intended to the castle. It is a reconstruction from the mid-1950s because the original one was utterly destroyed in 1873. What was left was the moat and the stone wall. But this one comes pretty close to the original if you are looking at drawings from the period.

Here is the very well preserved original moat:

From the 4th floor you have beautiful views of the not so beautiful city of Okazaki:

Today everything is set in a park and I will show you more photos tomorrow :)

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