Monday, July 26, 2010

Kumazemi, the end of summer and Miharashidai yayoi settlement

Listen to the tsuku-tsuku boshi song of the summer cicadas while looking at my post today :). This special sound is the indication of the end of the summer season. I guess this is meant to depict a summer cicada:

and here a real photo of a 'kumazemi', a bear cicada:

Miharashidai is a moated yayoi settlement with ongoing excavations financed by Nagoya City. You can see part of the pits and a reconstructed house in a roofed hall:

In 1947 they found a doutaku-shaped clay figurine (a doutaku is a shinto bell, but you find this form already in yayoi as clay or as bronze bells). This was the trigger for a first excavation in 1964 and there have constantly been excavations till the present.

A beautiful takatsuki (pedestaled vessel), found during last year's excavation:

a soukoudoki vessel:

Incised decorations:

a pointed-based cooking vessel:

In case you are getting bored from too much vessels, here some loom weights for a change:

Happy archaeologists:

And some real archaeologists:

After the project leader noticed a sincere interest, he let me walk into the excavation and take photos. I had to 'pay' for it in letting him having photos of a gaijin in his trenches. But it was well worth it :). They found a second moat surrounding the northern part of the village and here is part of a midden area with pot sherds looking out between the shells:

They also found WW II relics, including German bombs and stuff. Here is part of a cooking installation from the officer's buildings:

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