Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nagoya City Museum

Today was a day well spent, well, at least for me, it was. After a lovely orange-almond-scone at our bakery in the lobby of the Hilton I made my way to the City museum in Nagoya. At first I looked at the special exhibition about Pompeii. I was really astonished how many original artworks they got. Many frescos, but also bronze artifacts, statues, a caldarium from Boscoreale, jewelry, you name it.

Poster for the Pompeii Exhibition
Really beautiful things! Unfortunately as with most special exhibitions, you were not allowed to take photos. The bigger was the surprise that they allowed to take photos in all their standard exhibitions. So I enjoyed quite some time in the Jomon, Yayoi, and Kofun section of the museum. I was especially happy about the two burials, one of them a midden burial from the Jomon period. The male held a dog in his arms:

Late Palaeolithic/Incipient Jomon tanged points

Beautiful Late Jomon pottery decoration

Yayoi boat with outline of the skeleton

The head area of the deceased in the wider end of the boat
The other time periods were also awesome.

Kofun period Haniwas
handy money: an oval gold coin from the Momoyama period

The sun clock in front of the museum tells you exactly that I spent all morning and most of the afternoon indoors :)

Although it was already late I hurried to see the castle, and I just managed it in time. Nagoya Castle in one hour! But this will to wait till tomorrow.

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