Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fieldtrip Disaster Prevention

Today we did a fieldtrip to the "Fukuoka Citizens' Disaster Prebention (sic!) Center".

As you can see our 'kiddies' (= boys) had lots of fun. We learnt what to do when you suddenly notice that there is a fire in your room (= inform the other people in that very room as if they wouldn't notice by themselves). But it involved also practical training, i.e. how to use a fire extinguisher to extinguish a virtual fire:

This is our success story (maybe you should rather walk away and NOT try to extinguish the fire, after all this isn't the Sims):

In case you can't read the screen, it says 'extinguishing failure'.

Another important issue in Japan are earthquakes. I found it very informative that women and children are frightened at a magnitude of 3 whereas men only give up at a magnitude of 6.

Here you can see that our girls are all under the table at a mere 3 earthquake (which confirms the wallpaper information):

Our fieldtrip ended with a visit to the worldfamous baseball arena in Fukuoka, the Yahoo Dome:

Here I also had my very first real Japanese food, an o-nigiri filled with one of these horribly sour umeboshi plums:

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