Saturday, August 18, 2007

Yoshinogari (2)

Unfortunately a large part of the area was under construction and although they told me it's an excavation I have my doubts, unless you use really really big machines to excavate in Japan:

Like everywhere else, archaeological work is dangerous! Abunai!

They are also growing rice in paddy fields as part of their experimental archaeology:

But beware of the dangerous Japanese water snakes:


  1. I like clicking on those pictures but what is the difference between the top ones and the bottom ones????

    BTW the dangerous snake could be a direct copy of the nokia snake game and it eats Kanji :o)

  2. Wow, that's cool. I didn' know that but maybe the creator of that sign is snake-game player LOL

    And what do you mean by top and bottom ones? They should be all different, shouldn't they?

  3. well, you can enlarge the last 2 but cannot enlarge the first ones. the question is where they done with your mobile's cam or just imported differently

  4. Theoretically they should all enlarge when clicked on, don't ask me why it's sometimes working and other times not. I've got no bloody idea.